~ I drop scarves skyscraper ~ ...

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~ I drop scarves skyscraper ~ ...


London Night, 2003


I drop the scarves with skyscraper
In the city in a blaze of muslin.
Lilac-blue, coffee,
Seventeen minutes before sunrise.

Capel blue tiles ...
Buds empty streets ...
Crystals concrete calico
Tepleyut, scarves obedience.

Ring lights, blossoming,
And vaguely dreading changes
Zastynut in scarves hiding,
Under the canopy showcases mannequins.

Bottomless singing yacht
About the happiness of eternal wandering,
The headscarf reflect zaplyashet
In the courtyard of the southern suburbs.

And I see quite clearly, smiling,
As a small black kitten
Zevnёt from waking up the handkerchief,
And the city will wake awake.


London Eye, 2008


 He was jet-black, and so tiny that it is hard to notice yourself. He lived with his mother, Pant, under the bushes in the square and his name was Moon.

      Shawl mousy gently down on the grass in front of his nose. Although Moon was asleep and scarf planned completely silent - it was enough to wake up. So he did, his eyes opened - at the same time a yawn - and staring at something a mouse in front of him. Moon has not yet learned to trust my eyes, in fact, he is still nowhere used, including the eyes themselves. His eyes, too, are not yet accustomed to the moon, and therefore does not determine the color and have been busye. "Nyau-maa" - called Moon quietly that used to know, I woke up and yawned, and saw something.

      "Nyau - maa" - Mom was not. Moon looked around - nobody.

      In any case, vyaknuv once more, he lay down on his tummy and nose led toward Gray.

      The smell was, but unfamiliar and seemingly, harmless.



According to the rules of hunting art, moon began to be chosen is not clear. Reaching the semi-distance jump, he picked up, mustered all his strength, the muscles and the will of one fluffy wad of fearlessness - that taught him how to IAA - and jumped all four paws outstretched in the air, disengaging claws and tail fluffed.

      Plyam! He flopped to the center of the Grey-something felt through it springing grass. His sixteen claws dug into something weightless, legs parted in different directions, and the nose plowed furrow in Gray. He briefly vyaknul and tried to get up.

      Not a bit of it. Each of his foot pulled him part unknown, and though there was no weight, that was enough to moon again fell, this time rolled onto his back. Something pulled behind him and covered his head.

      He tried to roll over on foot and escape, but was worse: he is completely entangled in Gray. "They outsmarted me - realized moon - now it is to eat me!"

      Then he was scared for real.


London, Big Ben

 "Nyau-aa-ay! - He issued a shrill myavk full of fright and fear, and call for help. Floundering in Gray, it was like a cocoon, pupa, from which it is trying to disengaging hitherto unseen butterfly.

      "Nyau-ay-ay-ay-aah !!!" - Swept out of the cocoon, and all the mothers in the city woke up and checked out, everything was in order with their offspring.
      "Nyau-ay-ah" - a plaintive and piercing at the same time.

      Crying raced over the city. Above the highway and bridges, parks and stadiums, residential areas and vacant lots, skyscrapers and shanties ... swept, ringing in the glasses, reflecting multiple echoes in underground tunnels, humming in the wires ... He spoke and roosters crow, dogs and donkeys klaxons Car parking lots and ship bells ....

      The city woke up.

      All this time, my mother Panta sat three meters from his child and grinned at his mustache, from fun and pride at the same time: Well, who else other than her son could be so wonderful to plunge, to show the light of his lungs, and at the same time - to wake the ungrateful city ...

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