Expressive pictures of flowers from the Belgian artist Isabelle Menin


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French film critic Henri Bazin belongs brilliant aphorism: "Photography mummified time." At first glance, he was able to express the very essence of photography, however, looking at the work of Belgian photographer Isabelle Menin (Isabelle Menin), there is a feeling that the river continues its life for absolutely no stiffening at gunpoint her lens.
Flowers like butterflies and butterfly - flowers.
Flying over our lives legkokrylo,
And falling, falling down from a height,
When their lives seem hateful.
Flowers like butterflies and butterfly as we
Sad and crying, and dreams and dreams,
Tired of life commotion,
Dreaming of a winter frosts.
Flowers, like butterflies, and their short century
Saddens us, we too cold, fell asleep,
Is winter, sparkling soft snow,
We cover the wings of white fluff.
And we become like the angels, white,
Like moths as white inflorescences
And our thoughts, deeds are light,
We write lines, lines of immortality.
(Valentina S. Fisyuk)


Isabelle Menin pictures of flowers in all their diversity. Fresh, full of life and buds withering petals are merged into a single symphony of color in her works. Dark lighting, water streams - all this creates an inimitable play of light and shadow makes colors faint outline, streamlined forms and plastic. Pictures of the artist are more like abstract paintings, in which images of a planned, poorly delineated, and therefore look even more mysterious.


At Isabelle Menin really have any experience with paints, about 10 years, she studied painting professionally, and then decided to experiment with digital photography. The artist deliberately avoids copying reality, carefully processed to obtain an image to give them a characteristic "thoughtful" appearance.


The author calls his work "internal pictures" and "chaotic landscapes." She is confident that the viewer must seek to unravel the mysterious essence of nature, thus closer to understanding the mystery of his own being. Isabelle Menin comments on the project: "uncontrollable force of nature, the complexity of its forms, synergy elements - all this seems to me a reflection of the human spirit. In man, there is no straight lines, we are like nature, our life - all sorts of tangled difficulties that we are overcoming, destroying, and building something new, balancing between ordering and chaos. "

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Pictorial realism by Neal Smith-Willow

I want to be a "translator" that preserves on canvas the impressions of the place and time, which remain in the memory. They help open the window, offering the viewer a moment to revive what was once upon a time, but now washed away by the flow of time. Work makes me feel like a child related to his favorite toy or a man devoted to his dream. "


ELLENSHAW paintings
Neil Smith, Willow (Neal Smith-Willow) modern Mexican artist who works with oil, pastels and watercolors in a manner representative of painting in the genre of so-called "picturesque realism" (Painterly realism). Writes a narrative point of view. All stories the artist takes from his own experience, filtering them through sight, smell and touch. The main purpose of the Nile
- The creation of images of fleeting moments, so that with his help, they could not remain in memory only.
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Heinrich Kühn Fotoimpressionizm

Heinrich Kühn - Heinrich Kuhn 1866- 1 944 prominent German photographer one of the founders piktoralizma in photography. Heinrich Kühn is also the creator of style fotoimpressionizm.


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Heinrich Kühn is a major figure in the world of photography, left behind a vast photographic heritage, including in the form of autochromes, 214 copies of which (of 260 extant) are stored in the collections of the Austrian National Library in Vienna. An important figure of pictorial photography of the early twentieth century, Heinrich Kühn specialized mainly on portraits and landscapes. Critics see it as one of the most important practitioners in the field of art photography in Europe. Heinrich Kühn was one of those early photographers who at the turn of the century tried to adopt photography as an art form. Like all artists of his time, he was more interested in how to express their emotions and images of feeling than to achieve an accurate and detailed picture. In addition to the artistic component in the life of Heinrich Kühn occupied a considerable part of scientific research devoted to photographic technology. He experimented with color photography and left lovely autochromes, which depict members of his family, and still lifes - they look like paintings of the Impressionists. Heinrich Kühn was born in Dresden. Grandson of the sculptor, he studied painting and music, and after a brief military service - medicine and natural science, then turned to the micrograph. In 1890, he finally left medicine and devoted himself entirely to photography. In 1896 he joined the Vienna photoclub Vienna Camera Club, began to exhibit and publish in photo magazines articles on technical issues. In 1914, Kuhn founded a photography school, but it lasted only one year. Extensive scientific research to yield good results, and in 1934 the photographer even received a patent for a film with increased sensitivity. Heinrich Kühn spoke with the most famous photographers of his time, such as: Frank Eugene (Frank Eugene), Steyhen Edward (Edward Steichen) and Alfred Stieglitz (Alfred Stieglitz). In 1908, Kuhn work have been published in journals Camera Work and The Studio.















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